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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Scheduling a Junk Removal appointment is easy and quick. You may either Schedule Online within minutes or give our local representatives a call at (925) 208 9925

At North State Hauling, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a transparent and competitive pricing model. Our prices are often 20-30% lower than our (1800) Junk Franchise competitors. Simply put, we’re locally owned and not a Franchise so we pass the savings onto you!

Absolutely! All jobs come with a free in person estimate. Need a ballpark over the phone? We would be happy to assist with that as well!

Of course, if you have 4 items or less, oftentimes we can give you a price up front! If you only have mattresses, appliances or couches, we can provide you with single items pricing as well! If you have more than 4 items, we would need to assess the volume of your junk to provide you with a competitive rate!

We always strive to donate and recycle as much as we can. Our trucks go to the landfill less than 1% of the time. Often times we will donate as much as we can or use the local transfer stations to recycle any applicable material such as wood or metal.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide donation receipts due to the selective nature of donations and mass drop offs that we do. The donation benefit is primarily part of our efforts of diverting used goods from the landfill. If you need a donation receipt, you will likely need to coordinate a drop off with a donation center directly.