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" What an amazing and transparent service. Our Shed was gone within two hours of approving the estimate..."

When you need to get rid of a shed, North State Hauling has the knowledge and experience necessary for successful removal. They offer an end-to-end service that covers every step from electrical disconnection up through hauling away and recycling any material left behind. Whether your existing shed needs an upgrade or it’s simply no longer needed due to city regulations or personal reasons, North State Hauling can help make sure the project is completed smoothly with amazing planning!

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What Types of Shed Removals do we Handle?

We can take apart just about any shed as long as it’s not in a hazardous situation. Our team will arrive prepared to tackle even the most complex removals so that you don’t have to. Check out our list of common items we remove

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How Do Shed Removals Work?

Shed removal can be a complicated and laborious task with all of the heavy lifting required to deconstruct the structure. Paired with stress from deciding on where to dispose of debris, it can become overwhelming in a very short amount of time. Luckily, partnering up with North State Hauling is an easy solution for tackling a shed disposal project. Not only do we provide the labor needed for disassembling and hauling away the shed, we also have access to proper recycling resources so that none of the waste gets left behind. Shed removal services are great options if you are uncomfortable dealing with dismantling a large object or simply don’t have necessary tools on hand to complete the job.

What Happens to the Shed, After Removal?

Our Shed Removal Service is an important part of making sure materials are recycled. Sheds are constructed from many recyclable components, including wood and metal. When a shed reaches the end of its useful life and needs to be removed, all its parts will be taken to a transfer station for sorting and recycling. At the transfer station, workers sort through the shed debris and separate out any parts that can potentially be re-used such as wood boards and metal frames. This helps to conserve natural resources while also keeping waste out of landfills. Shed removal is one way we can ensure the materials that make up the structure are reused or recycled in order to help sustain our environment.

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What People Say?

I chose North State Hauling for my project, I was amazed at how easy and effortless the experience was. From the initial contact to complete removal and disposal of the shed, their team was fast, reliable and professional.
Walnut Creek, CA
Shed removal using North State Hauling could not have been any better - a great timeliness, coupled with top-level service throughout!
Concord, CA
I had an old shed in my backyard that I needed gone, but I was worried about how it would get removed without causing damage. After calling North State Hauling, they were able to send two crewmen to take it safely away within a few hours.
Brentwood, CA